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2017-10-20 Nginx 1.12.2 for Jessie

2017-10-20 We are excited to announce our new @HashiCorp #Terraform Recommended Practices Guide. Learn more in our latest blog…

2017-10-20 Wildcard certificates from Let's Encrypt are coming in January 2018.

2017-10-20 @libfy @floheac #FFBack

2017-10-20 Introducing Cost Allocation Tags for Amazon SQS | Amazon Web Services

2017-10-20 Debian -- Security Information -- DSA-4002-1 mysql-5.5

2017-10-20 Debian -- Security Information -- DSA-4003-1 libvirt

2017-10-19 Using Zabbix 3.4 and item preprocessing? Upgrade to 3.4.3 - users report 16 times lower memory usage. That's some improvement!

2017-10-19 Support for Zabbix 3.2 is nearing its end. If you haven't already - upgrade to Zabbix 3.4 with ease!…

2017-10-19 Google spanner the worldwide database, the ultimate weapon to avoid managing cross region replication and consisten…

2017-10-19 We are at #autonomy2017 today! Come join us and learn about how to manage, share, and valorize your #Transport

2017-10-19 How to protect yourself from the ‘KRACK’ Wi-Fi attack

2017-10-19 #OpenData without sacrificing #privacy. Our guide to beginning an effective #data classification policy…

2017-10-19 Configure a secure, password-protected MQTT server, with auto-renewing SSL certificates from @letsencrypt

2017-10-19 AWS CloudHSM is now available in 7 new regions across North America, Asia Pacific & Europe!

2017-10-19 Excellent S3 security insight and advice from security expert and AWS Community Hero @TeriRadichel

2017-10-18 Making Google prompt the primary choice for 2-Step Verification

2017-10-18 macOS High Sierra Users Report Significant Delays Receiving iMessages and SMS Texts by…

2017-10-18 A new notice type in #Zabbix 3.4 lets you know when an issue has been seen & your team has started working on it:…

2017-10-18 Enable Google's New "Advanced Protection" If You Don't Want to Get Hacked

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Latest Debian Security Update


security update

Debian Security - 19/10/2017


security update

Debian Security - 19/10/2017


security update

Debian Security - 19/10/2017


security update

Debian Security - 17/10/2017

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