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2019-06-17 Push Technology Used in Mobile Attacks

2019-06-17 Venez nous voir aux #CLOUDDAYS organisés par @outscale_fr le 25 juin à #Paris ! Julien Leproust parlera de l'archit…

2019-06-17 #ZabbixWebinars this week: Quick introduction to Zabbix (Jun 18, EN/RU); Advanced problem detection with Zabbix (Ju…

2019-06-15 Millions of Exim email servers under attack

2019-06-14 Amazon S3 Update – SigV2 Deprecation Period Extended & Modified

2019-06-13 New #AWSLaunches! 🚀Amazon Elastic File System is Available in the AWS Europe (Paris) Region 🚀New AWS Partner Networ…

2019-06-13 RAMBleed side channel attack uses Rowhammer to steal sensitive data from computer memory

2019-06-12 Flaw in Evernote Extension Allows Hackers to Steal Data

2019-06-12 UnitTest vs Production. #Lightning #programming

2019-06-12 Configuring SSL, TLS, and HTTPS to secure Elasticsearch, Kibana, Beats, and Logstash

2019-06-11 LLD is a very effective tool for automatic discovery of all sorts of resources and automatic creation of metrics, t…

2019-06-11 🎉 Check out this great community post by @ruanbekker! "Setup Traefik as an Ingress Controller on #Kubernetes" Thank…

2019-06-11 #Zabbix versions 4.0.9 and 4.2.3 have been released! Explore the release notes:

2019-06-10 Have you ever put the “DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE BY HAND” header into a file managed by Salt? Well, there’s a feature f…

2019-06-10 BGP event sends European mobile traffic through China Telecom for 2 hours l33tdawg Sun, 06/09/2019 - 23:58…

2019-06-08 DSA-4458 cyrus-imapd - security update

2019-06-07 New Brute-Force Botnet Targeting Over 1.5 Million RDP Servers Worldwide

2019-06-06 USN-4011-1: Jinja2 vulnerabilities

2019-06-05 New G Suite OAuth API activity reporting now available

2019-06-05 USN-4008-2: AppArmor update

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Debian Security - 17/06/2019


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Debian Security - 15/06/2019


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Debian Security - 13/06/2019

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