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2017-11-23 GitHub introduces new security alert feature via @InfoSecHotSpot

2017-11-23 Kick off the new year with #ZabbixTraining in Riga, right at the #Zabbix office! Sharpen your monitoring skills. Ap…

2017-11-23 Remotely Exploitable Flaw Found In HP Enterprise Printers—Patch Now

2017-11-22 USN-3491-1: ldns vulnerabilities

2017-11-22 AWS Certificate Manager now supports DNS Validation. Get a free SSL/TLS certificate to identify & secure your site…

2017-11-22 Why am I seeing bulk rejections in my Elasticsearch cluster?

2017-11-22 @SNCFvamtuer @picardie_ter J’appelle plus ça la crise mais le quotidien

2017-11-22 @SNCFvamtuer @picardie_ter Il va partir le 18h40 ou pas ?

2017-11-22 Apple Patches USB Code Execution Flaw in macOS |

2017-11-22 CloudFormation supports template parameters from Amazon EC2 Systems Manager Parameter Store & StackSets parameter o…

2017-11-22 Find out how you can monitor #JavaApps, facilitate #DevOps processes and predict problems with Zabbix - in this iss…

2017-11-22 Using #Zabbix together with #CFEngine and #Nivlheim to monitor 60+ web apps in #DevOps environment at @UniOslo - a…

2017-11-22 DSA-4045 vlc - security update

2017-11-22 Amazon Lex is now available in from the Europe (Ireland) region. Cool. #aws

2017-11-22 If you haven't tried @SlackHQ yet, or would like to learn more, here are 10 useful slack tools you might not know

2017-11-22 Scaling Amazon ElastiCache for Redis with Online Cluster Resizing - #AWS #AllThingsDistributed

2017-11-22 Good but hectic week this week. Today we released MariaDB ColumnStore 1.1 as GA and my promotion to Lead Engineer w…

2017-11-22 crossplane - a fast and reliable NGINX configuration parser by the Amplify dev team is now on GitHub. Parse your NG…

2017-11-22 Hackers Stole Data From 57 Million Uber Drivers and Customers, Uber Paid $100K to Hide Attack

2017-11-21 GitHub starts scanning millions of projects for insecure components via @InfoSecHotSpot

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security update

Debian Security - 23/11/2017


security update

Debian Security - 23/11/2017


security update

Debian Security - 22/11/2017


security update

Debian Security - 21/11/2017

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Slack offers persistent chat rooms organized by topic, as well as private groups and direct messaging. All content inside Slack is searchable, including files, conversations, and people.

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Amazon Web Services provides a highly reliable, scalable, low-cost infrastructure platform in the cloud that powers hundreds of thousands of businesses in 190 countries around the world. With data center locations in the U.S., Europe, Brazil, Singapore, Japan, Australia and China.

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Google Cloud Platform is a cloud computing platform by Google that offers hosting on the same supporting infrastructure that Google uses internally for end-user products like Google Search and YouTube. Platform provides developer products to build a range of programs from simple websites to complex applications.

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Twitter API Status - Real-time API availability and performance status. This site shows if Twitter APIs are down or have performance issues right now, and provides APIs uptime and performance history.