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2019-11-18 Apple Releases iOS and iPadOS 13.2.3 With Bug Fixes for Messages, Mail and More

2019-11-18 Deprecating Terraform 0.11 Support in Terraform Providers from @HashiCorp

2019-11-18 Elastic #SIEM is a great way to provide security analytics and monitoring capabilities to small businesses and home…

2019-11-18 What the #helm! Helm 3 Released - Bye Bye Tiller (And Why SecOps Should Care) #devops

2019-11-18 USN-4195-1: MySQL vulnerabilities

2019-11-16 how containers work: namespaces

2019-11-16 Debian -- News -- Updated Debian 10: 10.2 released

2019-11-15 Chaos Engineering sur des pannes d’infrastructure

2019-11-14 Using parallel Logstash pipelines to improve persistent queue throughput from @elastic

2019-11-14 #Zabbix 4.4 introduces a new type of agent, which offers a wide range of capabilities and advanced monitoring funct…

2019-11-14 Think through when to use quotas and how to change them to protect your team from unexpected costs with this episod…

2019-11-14 Nice tutorial series on Prometheus & Grafana for monitoring Kubernetes 🍿

2019-11-13 Want to go to a particular line number or word/string/function in a file when using vi / vim? Try vi +10 file vim…

2019-11-13 Elastic #SIEM is a great way to provide #security analytics and monitoring capabilities to small businesses and hom…

2019-11-10 How to override content type with Nginx web server via @nixcraft

2019-11-08 Apple to Fix macOS Mail Vulnerability That Leaves Text of Some Encrypted Emails Readable

2019-11-08 mplayer -ao null -aspect 32:9 JH_BAwSFKwM.mkv -loop 0 -wid $(xwininfo -int -name "Desktop" |grep "Desktop" |awk '{p…

2019-11-07 Apple Releases iOS and iPadOS 13.2.2 With Fix for Background Refresh Bug from @julipuli

2019-11-07 Converting local time to ISO 8601 time in Elasticsearch from @elastic

2019-11-07 this evening's project: a little command line tool for viewing my comics

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Latest Debian Security Update


security update

Debian Security - 17/11/2019


security update

Debian Security - 17/11/2019


security update

Debian Security - 14/11/2019


security update

Debian Security - 14/11/2019

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