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2019-07-18 Tips for Upgrading to, And Securing, Debian Buster #RSS

2019-07-18 Vulnerability Allows Hackers to Take Control of Drupal 8 Websites |

2019-07-17 Ask Us Anything: How do you translate a serial number into a user-friendly name in Grafana? Our support engineer sh…

2019-07-17 "kubernetes"

2019-07-17 Remember recent post about #zabbix running in #kubernetes? Well... it can not only run there, but even #monitor all…

2019-07-17 Un peu de lecture #RH pour la 🏝 en ce mois de juillet ! Quelle stratégie de #mobilité & gestion des #talents à la…

2019-07-17 Welcome to #ZabbixSummit2019! Join us in Riga on October 11-12 and experience a tide of great speeches and advanced…

2019-07-16 How to monitor NGINX web servers with the Elastic Stack

2019-07-16 On n'avait pas encore vu tout le dispositif du Parisien ! 😵 #handicap #paris #mobilité

2019-07-16 Another interesting Jinja filter in Salt Neon allows you to call object methods. Using it directly is not very prac…

2019-07-15 Salt Neon will ship with the json_query Jinja filter ported from Ansible. It can help you to get rid of ugly Jinja…

2019-07-12 Our newest training path "Architecting with Google Kubernetes Engine" will explain the fundamentals of a…

2019-07-12 DSA-4480 redis (security update) | More details: #debian #advisory

2019-07-11 Learn about our supported solutions for ingress load balancing on the #Kubernetes platform in this upcoming webinar…

2019-07-11 Our Deep Learning Containers are preconfigured & optimized for deep learning environments, supporting the most popu…

2019-07-11 Apple disables Walkie Talkie app due to vulnerability that could allow iPhone eavesdropping

2019-07-11 Everyone is sharing the Zoom vuln, but the crucial bit is this : $> lsof -i :19421 $> kill -9 <pid> $> rm -rf ~/.z…

2019-07-10 Amazon RDS now supports zero downtime storage auto scaling to automatically scale storage capacity in response to g…

2019-07-10 Amazon Aurora #PostgreSQL Serverless – Now Generally Available - - Nice post, @danilop !…

2019-07-09 Flaw in Zoom Video Conferencing Software Lets Websites Hijack Mac Webcams

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Debian Security - 16/07/2019


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Debian Security - 14/07/2019


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Debian Security - 11/07/2019

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