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2020-01-25 January 24, 2020

2020-01-23 @SFR_SAV Le souci est maintenant identifié par l’appli SFR & Moi. Il serait bien de prévenir que des incidents sont…

2020-01-23 @SFR_SAV une panne est-elle en cours dans l’Oise ? Plus d’internet. Et les informations du boîtier ONT date du 1 ja…

2020-01-23 250 Million Microsoft Customer Support Records Exposed Online from @TheHackersNews

2020-01-22 Today, we find out what is going on inside your managed @kubernetesio cluster with @grafana and its custom dashboar…

2020-01-22 USN-4245-1: PySAML2 vulnerability

2020-01-22 Blog: KubeInvaders - Gamified Chaos Engineering Tool for Kubernetes

2020-01-21 Amazon EKS Price Reduction

2020-01-21 Kubernetes Message Queue from @CloudNativeFdn

2020-01-21 With 2FA enabled on your Docker Hub account, you'll find you cannot access it with your user password from within t…

2020-01-21 DSA-4607 openconnect (security update) | More details: #debian #advisory

2020-01-20 CloudEndure Highly Automated Disaster Recovery – 80% Price Reduction from @jeffbarr

2020-01-20 Adding Some Salt to Our Network (parts 1 & 2): #saltstack

2020-01-20 DSA-4605 openjdk-11 - security update

2020-01-17 In this @Nebulaworks whiteboard video, you'll see a modern cloud security system using open source tools like Hashi…

2020-01-17 If anyone is interested in getting involved with the CNCF project Falco please let me know. We need help in Go, C++…

2020-01-17 Critical bugs found in the WordPress Database Reset plugin used by over 80,000 sites allow attackers to drop all us…

2020-01-16 Congratulations to @Clustree who was acquired by @CornerstoneInc today. We’re proud to have supported Clustree's de…

2020-01-16 How to Integrate Grafana with Prometheus for Monitoring

2020-01-16 Elastic #SIEM is a powerful enterprise tool for security analytics & monitoring that can also be used in small busi…

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Latest Debian Security Update


security update

Debian Security - 23/01/2020


security update

Debian Security - 21/01/2020


security update

Debian Security - 20/01/2020


security update

Debian Security - 20/01/2020

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