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2021-12-03 All speeches from #ZabbixSummit2021 are already available in the record. Easily navigate among the papers right on…

2021-12-03 Lots of exciting stuff getting prepped for #ArgoCon next week! There's still times to register and listen in on al…

2021-12-02 Mission ML impossible: Now possible with Vertex AI NAS Take a look at the new Vertex AI Neural Architecture Search…

2021-12-02 Open Source Alternative to Trello Focalboard by @Mattermost is an open source, self-hosted alternative to Trello,…

2021-12-02 New – Site-to-Site Connectivity with AWS Direct Connect SiteLink from @sebsto

2021-12-01 Critical Vulnerability Found in More Than 150 HP Printer Models -

2021-11-30 #Zabbix 4.0.36, 5.0.18, 5.4.8 version are out now! The minor version updates bring such additions as improved log-f…

2021-11-29 CERTFR-2021-AVI-907 : Vulnérabilité dans Fortinet FortiSIEM (29 novembre 2021)

2021-11-29 CERTFR-2021-AVI-906 : Multiples vulnérabilités dans Qnap QVR (29 novembre 2021)

2021-11-29 If you are interested please subscribe to it (1 .. 3 newsletters / month) and/or reach out directly! 7/7

2021-11-28 Best Practices for Load Balancing Kubernetes Containers from @SnaptADC

2021-11-26 @BrunoBellamy Courage

2021-11-25 With Zabbix 6.0 LTS deploying, the Zabbix server HA cluster is now simpler than ever. Kaspars Mednis shows that you…

2021-11-25 Zabbix 6.0 is just around the corner, and it will include many new features and improvements. Arturs Lontons is giv…

2021-11-25 That day has come! See you in one hour at the #ZabbixSummit2021 live stream:

2021-11-24 #alpinelinux 3.15.0 is out! - linux 5.15 - llvm 12 - nodejs 16.13 - postgresql 14 - openldap 2.6 - ruby 3.0 - rust…

2021-11-24 @jmlazard is speaking at the India France Innovation in Information Technology (InFinity) Event on the topic of Dat…

2021-11-24 DSA-5012 openjdk-17 (security update) | More details: #debian #advisory

2021-11-24 The presentation will deliver a use case on implementing Zabbix DB backend and planning to move to Kubernetes deplo…

2021-11-23 Mattermost v6.1 includes card @-mention notifications in Boards. Now, you can keep everyone aligned on the work th…

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Debian Security - 01/12/2021


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Debian Security - 30/11/2021


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Debian Security - 28/11/2021


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Debian Security - 27/11/2021

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