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2019-02-20 Versions 5.6.15 and 6.6.1 of the #ElasticStack are here. Head on over to the blog post to learn more and upgrade.

2019-02-20 @opendatasoft's Caroline Dumortier shows how a Boston-based startup is leveraging waste data…

2019-02-20 #FrenchTech #IntelligenceArtificielle de @Clustree accompagne les collaborateurs pour des parcours de #carrière s…

2019-02-20 With Spark Operator now available in beta, developers can use it to run, monitor, and manage the lifecycle of Spark…

2019-02-20 Critical Flaw Uncovered In WordPress That Remained Unpatched for 6 Years

2019-02-20 Elastic Stack 6.6.1 and 5.6.15 Released

2019-02-19 Hotfix Release Of Pi-hole v4.2.2

2019-02-19 USN-3891-1: systemd vulnerability

2019-02-19 DSA-4393 systemd - security update

2019-02-18 Hotfix Release Of Pi-hole v4.2.2 via @The_Pi_Hole

2019-02-18 To group and compare the results of any function execution across multiple nodes, try the survey runner:…

2019-02-17 In Salt Fluorine you can include Jinja templates using relative paths. This is quite useful for writing formulas or…

2019-02-17 This Week in Elasticsearch and Apache Lucene - 2019-02-15

2019-02-16 Debian 9.8 Released With Latest Security Fixes - Phoronix

2019-02-16 Update pfSense packages to protect against NGINX, libzmq4, and curl vulnerabilities

2019-02-15 Want a good podcast to start the weekend right? #KubernetesDayIndia chairperson @lizrice talks #Kubernetes security…

2019-02-15 Grafana-Zabbix 3.10 released. It contains a bunch of improvements, but most notable are the new design for Problems…

2019-02-15 Amazon EKS est maintenant disponible sur la région AWS Europe (Paris) 🇫🇷 #Kubernetes.

2019-02-14 Free Micropatch for Critical Zero-Day Flaw in OpenOffice Now Available via @InfoSecHotSpot

2019-02-13 It's time for #WednesdayWisdom from the blog!💡"Building a #Kubernetes Edge (Ingress) Control Plane for Envoy v2" fr…

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