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2019-09-14 If you inherited a large Salt state tree and want to find out which state is putting a specific config file, try th…

2019-09-10 @netatmo Are they same as old Netatmo tags? I have already 3 of them at home.

2019-09-10 DSA-4521 - security update

2019-09-09 USN-4127-1: Python vulnerabilities

2019-09-05 WordPress 5.2.3 Patches Several XSS Vulnerabilities

2019-08-30 Blog: Announcing etcd 3.4

2019-08-29 Querying and aggregating time series data in Elasticsearch from @skrauseharder

2019-08-23 DSA-4505 nginx - security update

2019-08-22 Destructive hailstorm in the city of Seligenstadt, Hessen in Germany on Aug 18th. Video by Klaus Bolender - thanks…

2019-08-19 DSA-4503 golang-1.11 - security update

2019-08-19 Recommended Read: kabachook/k8s-security

2019-08-19 Git 2.23 Brings New Switch & Restore Sub-Commands - Phoronix

2019-08-16 What is OSX/Linker Mac malware? How to remove OSX/Linker Mac virus from your computer? How to try and fix your Mac…

2019-08-16 DSA-4501 libreoffice (security update) | More details: #debian #advisory

2019-08-15 USN-4099-1: nginx vulnerabilities

2019-08-15 Kubernetes Security Issue (CVE-2019-11249) by @awscloud

2019-08-14 8 New HTTP/2 Implementation Flaws Expose Websites to DoS Attacks from @TheHackersNews

2019-08-13 some security headers

2019-08-13 important HTTP response headers

2019-08-13 SQLite Vulnerabilities Demoed With Hacking of iPhone, Malware C&C

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security update

Debian Security - 09/09/2019


security update

Debian Security - 09/09/2019


security update

Debian Security - 08/09/2019


security update

Debian Security - 07/09/2019

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