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2020-10-29 #PrivateNetworks is now Generally Available at no extra cost in all our AZ: PAR1, PAR2 eco-AZ, AMS1 and WAW1 🚀

2020-10-29 During the workshop, Kaspars Mednis will show how to set up the @HashiCorp vault and use it to store #Zabbix user m…

2020-10-29 Programming Languages Explained With Music

2020-10-29 CERTFR-2020-AVI-684 : Multiples vulnérabilités dans les produits Fortinet (29 octobre 2020)

2020-10-29 CERTFR-2020-AVI-687 : Multiples vulnérabilités dans QNAP QTS (29 octobre 2020)

2020-10-28 Stress management, mindfulness and change management are trending in today’s workplace. Learn from experts how you…

2020-10-28 #Zabbix_5_2 was just released, but let's look beyond that. @avladishev will talk about the vector of software devel…

2020-10-28 Great #community share by @learnk8s Comparison of Kubernetes Ingress Controllers #Azure…

2020-10-28 #nginx 1.19.4 is now out with updates to mail proxy in proxy_smtp_auth; ssl_conf_command with proxy, #grpc and uwsg…

2020-10-28 Hey 🚀 TransfoNum(@jeanbernard123), thank you for following me

2020-10-27 USN-4603-1: MariaDB vulnerabilities from @ubuntu

2020-10-27 Hey CyrilFerrette(@cyrilferrette), thank you for following me

2020-10-27 Trois questions à : Gaylord Marchesseau , directeur commercial du secteur public d'@opendatasoft_fr #data…

2020-10-27 @zabbix congrats, my mirror is updated, server and proxy âś…

2020-10-27 #Zabbix_5_2 is out! The release comes with synthetic monitoring, significant security-related improvements, and mon…

2020-10-26 #Zabbix 4.0.26 and 5.0.5 versions are out! Explore the release notes for a detailed overview:…

2020-10-26 Aleksandrs is always curious about new technology and Zabbix features. He explores every newcomer with the most det…

2020-10-26 DSA-4779 openjdk-11 (security update) | More details: #debian #advisory

2020-10-23 @zabbix Getting much closer to the official release of Zabbix 5.2! So many new features and enhancements that make…

2020-10-22 Elastic Stack 6.8.13 released from @elastic

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Debian Security - 27/10/2020


security update

Debian Security - 25/10/2020


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Debian Security - 25/10/2020


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Debian Security - 21/10/2020

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